Spelt Panko

Since we couldn’t find any Spelt Panko, we started a project to make our own. We took a detour through some interesting Japanese culinary history, learned to bake a new kind of bread and wound up with a great dish, Pork Tonkatsu

Spelt Panko Recipe

spelt panko 30-40 minutes
Makes: about 6 cups




1 loaf of Spelt Japanese Milk Bread


  1. Cut the crusts off a loaf of Japanese Milk Bread (they are a nice treat in themselves). Shred the crumb on a box grater or on the shredding attachment of a food processor. Don’t use the metal blade of your food processor or a blender: you would risk making the crumbs too fine; you want flakes.
  2. Spread the crumbs on a couple of sheet pans and put in a 300F oven. It will take 15–20 minutes until the crumbs are dry enough. Store in a tightly closed container in a cool place.

Author: Daniel Lieberman

Daniel Lieberman is a cook and writer living in the hills of Western Massachusetts. When he's not cooking he listens to opera and reads a lot.

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