What Is Spelt Gourmet?

What is Spelt Gourmet?

Spelt GourmetSpelt Gourmet explores great wheat-free cooking from around the world. We have been cooking with spelt flour and other spelt products for about ten years now. At first we thought that no wheat meant a dreary life sentence of boring “health foods” and expensive, unappetizing “gluten-free” ersatz products. Instead, we’re not deprived at all. We don’t have to settle for poor substitutes just because we can’t eat wheat; we replace the wheat ingredients in our recipes with spelt ones and go on our way happily discovering and adapting recipes from many food cultures—both exotic ones from Asia, Latin America, and Africa and familiar cuisines like French, Italian, American, and German.

No Wheat Doesn’t Mean No Fun

Here at Spelt Gourmet we’ll be cooking and eating things from all over the world. Recently, we have enjoyed Lebanese Kibbe made with spelt bulgur and served with fresh pita bread made from spelt flour, Korean shrimp pancakes, Turkish doner kebabs served with delicious Turkish flatbread, Indian naan, Japanese tonkatsu (fried pork cutlets) made with spelt panko, and spelt pizza. We’re finding new recipes to try each week, and we’ll be sharing them with you here. We also plan to review some of the thousands of products now being produced with spelt. Companies and local producers are making pastas, breads, flours, cookies, and snacks using spelt. Many of them are excellent; we use some of them day in and day out, and have tried many more. We’ll give you the benefit of our investigations. Join the adventure here, and on the Facebook page. Follow us on Twitter, too. You can also subscribe to the newsletter and get new recipes right in your inbox every week.

Spelt is NOT Gluten Free

People with true gluten sensitivities should avoid spelt. No matter what you read on the Internet, spelt contains just as much spelt as common wheat, and is not suitable for truly gluten-free diets.