Homemade Spelt Bulgur

coarse bulgur

Spelt Bulgur is not available commercially, so we decided to make our own. Bulgur is an ancient food made from whole wheat berries. You cook them until tender, allow them to dry out, then crack them in a grinder or blender. Bulgur is used as a grain dish like rice, and is an essential ingredient in Middle Eastern dishes like kibbe (ground lamb and bulgur baked in a pan) and tabbouleh (parsley and bulgur salad).

We already had spelt berries in our pantry, so all we had to do was figure out how to make spelt bulgur from scratch.

Spelt Bulgur Recipe

spelt berries for spelt bulgur

Total time: 3 hours



  • Some recipes call for soaking the whole spelt berries overnight, but it doesn’t make that much difference. Put the spelt berries in a pot with three or four times as much water as grain, bring to a boil and simmer until the spelt berries are tender, about 40 minutes (watch them pretty closely and start testing them to see if they’re done at about half an hour; cooking times will vary a lot depending on how fresh your spelt is).
  • When the spelt berries are tender, spread them on a sheet pan and dry thoroughly You can put them in a 150F oven, leave them in a warm place, or put them in the sun. You’ll want to shake the pan from time to time so they dry evenly.
  • Crack the dried spelt berries in a grinder or (carefully) in a blender: you risk winding up with bulgur flour if you blend them too long. Sieve the spelt bulgur after blending to get rid of the dust; otherwise it’ll cake up when you cook.
  • Store in a tightly closed container.

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