Spelt Gourmet Resources

Visit this page often for an ever-growing list of spelt gourmet resources. Come here to find sources for ingredients like spelt flours and spelt pastas, kitchen tools, books, and more. Anything we list on this page will be something we’ve tried and found to be of good quality and good value. Full disclosure: we are Amazon affiliates, so we get a percentage from them on sales of books or any other items we link to. We think Amazon is a great place for cooks to shop. Great prices, fast delivery (for free if you’re a Prime member), and infinite variety.

Spelt Flour

Spelt Gourmet Resources—VitaSpelt White Spelt Flour Organic and Non-Organic white and whole grain spelt flours from Nature’s Legacy.Great quality, reasonable freight and fast shipping. VITA-SPELT Flours

Spelt Pasta

Spelt Gourmet Resources—White Spelt PenneWhite spelt spaghetti, rotini, penne, lasagne, etc. These are our go-to dried spelt pastas. Dried spelt pasta tends to be a little softer than conventional wheat pasta, so be careful not to overcook it. Take a bite from time to time until it’s cooked to the consistency you want. VITA-SPELT and Nature’s Legacy Pastas

Spelt Matzo

  Spelt Gourmet Resources—Yehuda Organic Spelt MatzoImported from Israel. Yehuda Ancient Grain Organic Spelt Matzo

Spelt Berries or Kernels

spelt berries or kernelsSpelt Berries or Kernels can be ground into spelt flour, cracked for spelt bulgur, and cooked and eaten in hundreds of other ways. Nature’s Legacy Non-Organic Spelt Kernel – 1 – 25lb bag