Spelt Recipes for Gourmet Cooks

Great Food—Not Health Food

We’re restless and adventurous cooks and eaters at Spelt Gourmet. We explore dishes that range from the exotic to the elegant to the everyday made from ingredients that are natural, healthy, and whenever possible, local. We seek delicious flavors, not “health food.” We enjoy food from many cultures: you’ll find Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Vietnamese, French, and Jewish recipes here. spelt recipes for gourmet cooksToday we’re fortunate that excellent spelt products are available. We don’t have to forgo breads, crackers, and pasta altogether. But when we want something that isn’t standard health-food store or look-alike recipes, we need to get into the kitchen and get creative with spelt.

Master Spelt Recipes for Gourmet Cooks

Many of these spelt recipes will produce a useful ingredient for your pantry that’s not available commercially (e.g., Spelt Panko or Spelt Bulgur). Having them on hand means you can cook many great dishes (try Japanese Spelt Panko Tonkatsu or Lebanese Kibbe with Homemade Spelt Bulgur For Italian macaroni dishes, we’re lucky to have the excellent white spelt organic pastas from Nature’s Legacy/Vitaspelt, and we’ll share lots of recipes using those dried pastas. We make our own fresh noodles from eggs, white spelt flour, and salt; it’s not hard and it’s fun. White spelt flour makes excellent fresh egg pasta for fettucine, ravioli, and lasagne. Making Asian wheat noodles is pretty much the same so we can make the best Ramen this side of Tokyo, too. Dough for dumpling skins and wrappers works pretty much the same whether we’re making wontons or Siberian pelmeni. And the wonderful world of flatbreads is wide open. We’ve successfully replaced white or whole wheat flour with spelt flours in dozens of great breads. See our Spelt Pita Bread recipe for a simple example.


We look for new recipes online and read cookbooks voraciously. We adapt recipes from other sources online. We’ll post both the ingredient lists and directions here on Spelt Gourmet. We believe in giving credit to the original creators, so every recipe has a link to its source, whether it’s a website or a cookbook. Please let us know how you like our recipes. Be sure to pass on any tricks or tips to help others.